Post Preggo Thoughts

First of all, thank you SO much for all the love and support that was given to me with my last post. It was so nice to have so many women relate to how I was feeling. I’m thankful for the community of friends I have in all of you. Thank you for being amazing! <3

I’m officially not pregnant anymore!! Que the angels singing and the heavens opening! Seriously though, I’m so happy to be done being pregnant.


My little ray of sunshine has officially made her debut on June 6th, 2015, weighing in at a hefty 8lbs 14oz and measuring 22 inches long!! I am biased, of course, but, she is the most perfect, beautiful, peaceful, sweet, bundle of love I’ve ever laid eyes on. I so love being a mommy a gazillion times more than being pregnant. Though, I am thankful that I went through the process. Whenever I look at my little bug I think to myself, “I grew you in my tummy…that was you kicking me…that was you moving inside me…and now you’re here…you’re mine.”


It’s absolutely the most wonderful feeling to hold my baby in my arms. I’ve never felt so much love before. It’s a different kind of love. Different than the way I love the Lord, different than the way I love my husband, different than the way I love my family and friends. It’s a special kind of love that no one can take away, or interrupt. It’s a permanent bond. It’s beautiful.

IMG_5195 IMG_5243 IMG_5068

They say that once your mini comes into the world that you forget about all the pregnant discomforts, all the pain of the birthing process, etc.

I disagree.

I have NOT forgot loathing pregnancy, and the reasons why. I haven’t forgotten the pain of 42 hours of labor and at least an hour of pushing. Not to mention the ring of fire. OUCH. Yes, I screamed at the very end…it hurt, real bad. So, like I said I disagree, and I definitely do not have any plans, nor do I want to think of getting pregnant again for awhile. But I will say every single moment of discomfort, pain, dehydration, burning, puking, weight gain, lack of sleep, contraction, and everything else was completely worth giving birth to my daughter. The Bible wasn’t lying when God said that women would go through labor pains (thanks a lot, Eve). It’s real. But you know what? It’s a beautiful process of proving to yourself, as a woman, that you can and have conquered an amazing feat. And isn’t your baby worth every moment?

Jeff and Em Kiss

I don’t know about ya’ll but after this whole process or pregnancy, labor, and birth, I feel like I’ve shown myself just how strong I am. That I CAN get through what seems like the hardest of times. Not only that but I trust my body more than ever before. God created every cell to function and work the way that it should. Pregnancy, labor, and birth is proof of that. I believed in and loved the Lord before, but this whole experience has brought me even closer to Him. I’m in awe of His creation. I understand the intricacy of every detail that He put into creating each individual person. Watching my sweet Serenity is proof of God’s faithfulness, and seeing her grow everyday is God’s way of saying, “Hey good job, you conquered fear and pain, here’s your special trophy, I love you”.

So basically, pregnancy sucks, labor isn’t too bad, birthing is the worst pain I’ve ever felt, and holding my baby is the most spectacular feeling in the world. Worth it? I think yes!

Love, Em



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One thought on “Post Preggo Thoughts

  1. Love it. Brought me to tears thinking about the overwhelming love you experience holding them the first time. Being a mom is so… indescribable. So happy for you.

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