WOW. It’s been soooo looooong since I wrote in my blog. Yikes. I swear I never understood how fast time could fly until having my daughter. Even as I begin this post, Serenity decided now would be the perfect time to ask for a snack…but not the last hour when we were playing together. lol #Momlife

So, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to write about. There are so many things on my mind. I could totally update you on my life and what’s been happening, but I think my heart has decided it wants to encourage before updating. Mainly to encourage women.il_570xN.1047787735_ny7cThere has obviously been plenty going on the last year. And with everything that has been happening I want to create an environment where women can plug in and feel safe. Safe from judgement. Safe from negativity. Safe from feeling alone. There are so many of us that are experiencing the same emotions, yet where is our outlet? Our SAFE outlet. I don’t know about you but I have felt a heaviness in the atmosphere and it’s hard to process. My heart aches for a day where we are all united with respect and love for one another. Until that day comes, I just want to remind us of who we really are. Regardless of political affiliation, religious beliefs, or circumstance. So this one is for YOU ladies (and myself) who need to be reminded of the light that lives within us.

You are:

Wise-Inspiring-Discerning-Responsible-Powerful-Spectacular-Encouraging-Integris-WORTHY-Joyful-Intelligent-Beautiful-PRICELESSdefinition-of-confident-woman-318A few months ago Jeff and I went to a ‘For King and Country’ Christmas Concert. It was AMAZING. They are a Christian band who are not only super talented with instruments and vocals, but they also have hearts of gold. One of their big focuses is to stop human trafficking, mainly for women and children because that’s where a lot of the trafficking occurs. They joined a movement called END IT MOVEMENT. You can follow them on instagram if you’d like to get involved. Here is their link: ENDTHEMOVEMENTend-it-movementWhile Jeff and I were at the concert, they played a trailer for a movie they produced called Priceless to create awareness of human trafficking, and the fact that it’s happening right in front of us. After the trailer played, they went right into playing a song they wrote called Priceless. I want to encourage you to listen to it. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that I am so privileged not to have to worry about being bought for my body, yet even still, I struggle with knowing my value and worth. But GOD sees my me. It brought more tears to my eyes knowing that there are women, children, and even men who are being sold on the daily. But GOD sees them.

If you are struggling with finding your worth and value, stop. You aren’t made to judge yourself against the ridiculous standards we have created as a society. You are made perfect. God knew what He was doing when He created you in your mother’s womb. He knew the things you would struggle with, and the things you would succeed in. He knew the talents and abilities you have, and He knew how they would impact the world. We can all make a difference on this wonderful earth we inhabit, but it starts with our own thinking. How do you see yourself? Because let me remind you….You are Wise-Inspiring-Discerning-Responsible-Powerful-Spectacular-Encouraging-Integris-WORTHY-Joyful-Intelligent-Beautiful-PRICELESS.8488196282_a97b722756_zWOMEN. We need to come together and be a community of safety for one another. We are blessed beyond measure, and we should step away from the pettiness of negativity and judgement. I’d love to challenge ourselves to stop the negativity. And I am calling myself out as well..I have been caught up in negative approaches to life. But why don’t we make a point to love one another? Let’s encourage and uplift each other. We are women of WORTH, let’s shine our light into the world and change it together. <3Mother-Teresa-quoteIMG_0832 quotes-love-mother-teresa

To support a ministry that goes above and beyond to love people click here: PRICELESS MOVIE

To listen to the song click here: PRICELESS

I hope You are encouraged and understand that you are PRICELESS. God loves YOU. Even if you don’t feel it, He sees you and never leaves you. If you need/want prayer send me a message, I’d love to pray for and with you. Just remember, you are priceless.

Love, Em

P.S. I am SO happy I was able to finish this post! I was interrupted a total of 11 times by Serenity, but I did it! This is progress, people. LOL Here’s a picture of me putting Serenity down for a nap as one of my interruptions. <3FullSizeRender


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