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I often hear so many people talk about how technology is ‘ruining our social skills’, or ‘invades our privacy’, or ‘is unnecessary’. I’m going to explain one particular reason why I disagree in this post.

Today I was able to enjoy a fun day with my sweet babygirl at a park called Victory Park. It’s right down the street from our apartment. It’s a really cool park that recently opened within the last couple of months. It has all kinds of cool obstacles for kids to climb on, swing on, spin on, and make noise with. Maybe that sounds a bit chaotic, but whoever created the playground equipment put some extra time in making objects that really allow the kiddos to use their problem solving skills, and I think that’s great! Instead of climbing up regular stairs, there are stairs that wind all the way up. Instead of being spun by your parent, there are spinning things that use centrifugal¬†force to spin the person on it. When you lean closer, it goes faster, when you leave out, it slows down. So cool! If you live in the OC and have a kid or just want to enjoy a cool park, I highly suggest visiting Victory Park. You can come say hi to Serenity and I while you’re in the area too! ūüôā

victory park

While Serenity and I¬†were swinging at the park, I noticed a sweet old man walking with a walker over to the park. He walked over to us and started waving, and¬†blowing kisses at Serenity while I pushed her on the swing. He turned to me and said, “Speak Farsi?” I shook my head no, but smiled. He knew a few words in English, like ‘Hi’ and ‘Thank You’. After a minute or so, he pointed to his knee and said, ‘Hurt’. Immediately I felt in my spirit that I needed to pray for his knee. But I thought, “How can I do that when he doesn’t understand¬†English”, so instead I said, “I’m sorry”, and after a few more waves at Serenity he waved goodbye and sat on a nearby bench. As I stood there watching him walk away, my heart sank. I just missed my opportunity to pray for a sweet old man. Why didn’t I take Farsi in College?! Then I remembered I have a fantastic tool that I could use…my phone! I started searching what language Farsi was. I found out it was Persian. Then I went to Google translate and had the website translate, “Can I pray for your knee?” This is what showed up:


Needless to say, that didn’t help. So I searched, ‘How to speak Farsi’. Eventually I found a website that had about 20 common phrases in Farsi. Not only did it show you how to write the phrases, but it also had a play button to play the phrase from your phone so you can hear it. Among those common phrases were, “I’ll be praying for you” and “You brighten my day”.¬†I was ecstatic!! “I’ll be praying for you” would have to work.¬†I asked and¬†told the Lord that is He opened up another opportunity for me to pray for the man, I would.

After another 30 minutes of play time with Serenity, I was on my way to the car when I saw the old man walking again. I knew that that was the Lord opening up my second chance to pray for him. With new determination, a little nervousness, and my phone, I walked over to him and smiled. He smiled back. I pointed to his knees and he pointed to the hurting one. I pointed to my phone and pressed the play button. “I’ll be praying for you” came out of my phone in Farsi. The sweet old man smiled the biggest smile, brought his hands into the praying symbol, pointed¬†to Heaven, saying the¬†few words he knew in English, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” Then I played the phrase again while pointing to his knee, essentially trying to ask him if I could pray for him right there. He smiled, and nodded, “yes”. I put my hand on his knee and was able to pray for him, right there, in the middle of a parking lot, at this cool new Victory Park. After I was done praying, he grabbed my hand and kissed it, smiling, and saying over and over again, “thank you, thank you, thank you.”. He was thanking me, but I couldn’t help but think that if it weren’t for technology, and the Lord (obvi), I wouldn’t have been able to pray for him. Before walking away, I played the phrase, “You brighten my day” and kissed him on the cheek. I left that park appreciating the small piece of technology I held in my hand. This wonderful life, and second chances.

We take advantage of the beautiful minds that create our ‘invasive’ pieces of tech, and often complain about what they do. But I firmly believe that we need to remember how much good our phones, computers, and other tech do for us. Even 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to search a language I didn’t know in order to pray for someone at a park. I believe that the more advanced our technology becomes, the more opportunity we will have to be able to connect to the world around us. Even now, people are able to connect internationally through programs like Skype, and Facetime. I can’t wait for the future of technology! It’s just another tool we can us to bring glory to God’s Kingdom, and even in the secular world, to help others while living a couple thousand miles away.


If you want to watch 10 seconds of cuteness, click HERE.



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